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Behind the scene


To create beautiful, efficient & affordable websites for SMEs, traditional businesses and individuals.

how did the idea come about?

we started this business because we saw many businesses were overpaying for the website and noticed not everyone needs custom made website with complex functionality, especially the businesses just starting out to build its online presence.
That is why we are here to offer an alternative solution.

We want to create online presence
for every business.

When website design is made to be easier and affordable, more businesses can reach customers online.
That's why we build beautiful, low cost websites with easy maintenance, to help every business to have its own website.

We keep it simple

We get your website done from start to finish.

no hassle, no worries.

Low cost - The new standard of a great website.

When website cost is made to be truly affordable, more people can bring their business online.
That’s why we always keep the costs down, without sacrificing quality.

Built for easy maintenance

So easy that you can edit web content by yourself, even with zero knowledge of coding.

Provide comprehensive solutions

Whether you want a simple website or an advanced tracking and SEO site. We provide a comprehensive packages to manage different requirements.
So that you can selectively choose on what’s most important for your business.

your business. our mission.

we strive to deliver amazing value at reasonable prices

ready for your new website?

we can do it together.

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