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frequently asked questions

The template is a reference/portfolio to showcase what can we build for your website. It will also be used as a base for your website.

Simply let us know your ideas or preferences.
For instance, you may choose the contact form from Template A, and slider feature from Template B; simply mix and match features and sections as you like it.
Or you may simply stick with one template as it is.

Yes and No.
With a few tweaks in sections, features, design and colors. 
Your website will looks entirely fresh and unique that solely suits for your business.
Having said that, you could also have your website looks like the template.

Currently, we only offer packages that are based on templates. 
If you wish to make some changes based on the existing templates, we can work something out for sure.
However, if you wish to design your website from scratch, kindly bear with us a little longer as our designer will be joining us soon.

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Have better ideas on your website?
Just let us know how your ideal website be like, and let’s see if we can make it for you.